The Iwatobi SC site finally updated with birthday messages for Nagisa! (and holy crap Rei…are you freaking kidding me)

Haru: Nagisa, Happy Birthday! I’ll bake you a cake of your liking.

Makoto: Happy Birthday, Nagisa! We prepared this for you, so we hope you like it!

Rin: Congratulations, Nagisa! I didn’t forget it! Everyone’s been reminding me so…

Rei: Nagisa-kun, Happy Birthday! Today’s your special day, right? To commemorate, I will allow you to ask me to do any one thing you want. So, what would you like ;)  ?

Nagisa: Thank you everyone *giggles* Today’s definitely a happy day for me! 

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  • Plot Twist: Everything in DMMd didn't actually happen. Instead of reading about actual events, we read Aoba's terrible self-insert fanfiction of him and random hot guys that he met on the street. He probably doesn't even have blue hair.


The amount of makoharu parenting in this episode was endless…

Example 1:


Tell mama mako what happened…

Example 2:



Mom and Dad are tired of your shit.

Example 3:


Trying to get the boyfriend to calm the fuck down.

Example 4:image

Game-plan time.

Example 5:


The Resolution: Proud parents.

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